What to Look for When Buying a Roof

When shopping for a new home, the first thing most people look at is the home’s curb appeal, or how attractive it looks compared to the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. However, the most important thing to look at is the home’s structural foundation, and this includes the roof. A poor foundation and a poor roof will cause you financial headaches in the months and years to come.

Making sure the roof is sound should be a top priority when home shopping, so here are a few tips to help you to make sure you’re getting a roof that functions as well as it looks.

How Old is the Roof?

Don’t be afraid to ask your realtor or the current homeowners how old the roof is and what maintenance has been done in the past. If that information isn’t available, then it’s time to put on your investigator’s hat and check for yourself. Inspect the roof. Look for bubbling among the roof tiles. This can indicate rot underneath. Also, check the attic for water spots, which indicates a potential roof leak. Lastly, check for mold along the roof’s surface. If you see signs of any issues, that should be a red flag about the state of the roof.

Check the Roof’s Ventilation

While the homeowners and visual inspection might indicate no issues, don’t rejoice just yet. The roof’s ventilation system maintains the temperature and helps to stop mold growth. Make sure you test the roof’s ventilation to ensure all is in proper working order.

Check the Drainage

Without adequate drainage, water spills off the roof and ends up seeping into your home’s foundation. This causes water damage that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair if left unchecked. A proper drainage system of gutters and downspouts allows the rain to flow off the roof and be carried out to a proper drain away from your yard and foundation. Be sure to check your gutters for dirt and leaf buildup. Then check the downspouts for blockage. If you don’t know what to look for, ask a professional roofer to come in and take a look.

Look for Mold

As mentioned above, the presence of mold indicates a damaged roof. Mold, whether it’s green, black, or white is shown to negatively impact your health and can cause asthma attacks. Some mold is toxic and can lead to serious illness.

If the home is in a humid climate, it’s more prone to mold growth than is a home in a colder area. A leaky roof combined with a humid climate is the combination right for mold growth. If you do find mold, it’s vital you find the source of the leak that leads to its growth. If you get rid of the mold and don’t fix the cause, it will grow back.

Following these simple tips when looking for a new home, makes you one step ahead of the game when it comes time to get that mortgage.

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