What to discuss with your real estate agent

Moving house is a potentially tricky, time-consuming job. There’s so much to consider and bear in mind and, unless you’ve moved house multiples of times, you will probably find that there’s one person who knows more than you do. That person is your real estate agent. Someone who has trained for and practiced this exact role. Someone who has helped perhaps hundreds of people choose their next home. So, therefore, they are a valuable asset. They are to be listened to. Here are some things that you should consider asking your real estate agent.
Is your agent working full-time or part-time? In other words, how much time do they have to spend with you on your hunt for the perfect property? Most people are unwilling to rush into purchasing a property that they aren’t completely sure of, so if you feel that your real estate agent doesn’t have the necessary time available for you then you should consider finding someone who does. This is an important process and working with the right person for the job will be a lot more satisfactory.

What to discuss with your real estate agent
Consider what sort of communication you both prefer to use. If you are someone who enjoys long discussions about each aspect of moving house then a real estate agent who is only prepared to send quick emails back and forth about the details is not going to suit you. Be realistic. Neither approach is wrong, it is simply a question of what suits you best.
And then, depending on your preference for one person alone handling your move, it’s important to ask whether they work alone or as part of a team. Both options are potentially good, it simply comes down to whether to want to deal with just one person who is fully au fait with your requirements, or whether you are happy to speak with various people depending on the time and the day on which you call. There are advantages to both; a team is likely to bring results sooner, however one person alone may well work better with your specific requirements. Another question to ask is about the fees. Will they be within your budget or are you likely to have to look elsewhere?
If you are moving to a new area then do think about what you need to know about it. Some bits of information are extremely valuable and it’s worth considering whether your real estate agent has the appropriate familiarity with your preferred neighborhood and general location. Someone who can answer any questions about schools, doctors, local shops is likely to be far more beneficial to you than someone who doesn’t. As always, being ahead of the game is likely to be advantageous.
And then, how do you trust the true value of the purchase price of your intended property? Many realtors offer a comparative market analysis so that you can check the value of similar homes in your area. This is arguably a valuable asset and if you can take advantage of it, you should. Forewarned is forearmed.
And lastly, remember that your realtor is a professional person. Maintain the appropriate relationship with them and treat them with respect. It’s absolutely fine to ask for references (though bear in mind that the references they are prepared to offer will very likely have come from satisfied clients and therefore may not a true reflection) but do remember that this is their livelihood. So whilst they are there to help you, and offer you expert advice and guidance, they also have a living to make from their association with you.