The world’s most beautiful homes

This week I had the opportunity to visit the House of one of my best friends. I must admit that it is a Tycoon in the real estate business, and as a result had the opportunity to gather a considerable fortune. His home, a huge residence of more than 1,000 m2 of construction, and more than 3000 meters of solar, and enjoys the comforts and luxuries that can have a home.

Chatting about their daily work and their way of doing business motivated me to publish some pictures of the homes more beautiful that has had in its portfolio, which could be some of the homes more beautiful in the world.

The world’s most beautiful homes


To who you would not live in a mansion like that you show them in the previous picture. Having a large garden is one of the dreams of many of us. And better yet, a beautiful swimming pool from which we could spend an incredible evening with our family and friends.

This is the style of housing that they like the famous, and the prices for adquirirla are counted in millions of dollars. Simply by the fact that this property is located on the shore of a Lake duplicates considerably its monetary value on the market.

Amazing front view. This House-like tales of ads. This is the style of homes of the large American and European billionaires. The owners of the big names in business, companies related to the internet and telephony are those looking for this style of housing in particular.

The world’s most beautiful homes


Can you imagine resting comfortably in this room? or simply sharing with family or your best friends. The furniture of perfectly suited to the interior space, from which we have a direct view of the beautiful gardens.

However, it must recognize that architects always manage to design the best buildings. In this case they designed and built an artificial lake on the site of this property. Rooms have a direct view of this beautiful Lake, which includes beautiful fish and exotic birds.

And of course, I cannot conclude this publication without before showing them a photograph of the facade of the House of my friend. It is a beautiful house in a somewhat peculiar style, which was born from the inspiration of his wife. The House boasts more than 800 square meters of construction and really luxurious interiors.