The perfect property?

Often in life we can think that we’ve found the ideal solution to something. It can be the perfect product for your skin, or the perfect pair of shoes for a party. The best way to remember everything on your shopping list or the ideal paint colour for your bedroom. But if you’ve got it wrong, none of these things are going to present an enormous problem. However when it comes to selecting a property you simply cannot afford to take the risk. This will be your home, your place of refuge and rest. And whether you are looking for a townhouse, a country house or a high rise flat, it pays to spend a lot of time considering what you actually want and need from a property.

The perfect property
The first thing to consider is location. Of course. Are there services that you need to be close to? Doctors, shops, schools? Do you have mobility problems? If so, consider the length and incline of any driveway. Then consider what your home needs to accommodate. Obviously you will have a minimum number of bedrooms that you will need, but as well as this consider pets and hobbies. If you have a dog or dogs then the size and security of the garden will be important. Make sure you don’t prioritise a kitchen that you adore over what is practical for you or your family. Consider whether you need a lot of space to store wellington boots and jackets if you have a country lifestyle. Or if you hate housework then a bijou place might be your thing.
And cars – parking space can sometimes be an issue, especially if you plan on a town or city center property. Not having enough space to accommodate the necessary cars can be a real burden, as anyone who has ever walked a mile carrying a baby in a car seat will know! You might think that the extra-large dining room justifies only being able to park one car outside your property – but in reality, when you consider day to day life, it probably doesn’t. Desire must not exceed practicality.
Then of course there is the very real issue of cost. You may have found the perfect tumbledown cottage in your chosen location, within the correct price range, but if it’s going to cost you $40,000 to renovate then it might not be your best bet. Similarly, with a gorgeous house you just adore but are going to struggle to make the monthly repayments on, you will very swiftly find that it becomes less your perfect home, and more of a drain on resources.
The moral behind this tale is that your ‘perfect property’ may not present as you imagined it would. It’s very unlikely to be just the best house that you see, the one with the most bedrooms or the one with the biggest garden. Your dream home is going to have to have a complicated equation of factors to make it the winner. It is going to have to satisfy several criteria to really be the answer to your prayers. So think carefully before selecting your property and making an offer – if you have chosen in haste, it may end up being a costly mistake. There is nothing pleasant about living in a property that you dislike.