The Costs of Refinishing a Pool

Refinishing a pool involves many different components. Certain things are one-time costs and some other things will require more of your attention.

Ballpark Cost of Remodeling a Pool

There’s no flat cost for remodeling a swimming pool. However, what is possible is to outline exactly how much everything costs, what is necessary, and what is not necessary. Knowing what things cost and how much money a pool soaks up will save you money. On average, it costs about $8,000 to remodel a swimming pool.

Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

Resurfacing the pool deck can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t handle resurfacing well, it will cost you the most money in the long run. You can often do it yourself for cheaper if you rent or purchase the tools necessary. Also, resurfacing does not need to involve the entire pool deck. Many consider only resurfacing the one part of their pool deck that is damaged and leaving the rest to be repaired later.

Deck work can be very expensive, even though it mostly deals in the cosmetic. The concrete resurfacing can cost anywhere from $5,000-$10,000, redoing the patio can cost $2,000-$10,000, and redoing the entire deck can cost $15,000. Any pool owner who is considering getting their deck redone should ask two themselves a few questions.

Why Should You Refinish Your Pool Deck?

The first question is “why.” There are only two reasons a deck should ever get refinished, and those are if the deck is severely damaged and dangerous for pool goers to walk on, or if the pool owner wants the deck to look more appealing.

The second question is “what.” What kinds of things on the deck need to be added, removed, or repaired, and what will it all cost? Different pool owners have different tastes, and the overall cost will depend on what you personally desire.

Things that have an objective cost are minor repairs, plumbing, and technology that allow the pool to look presentable and operate smoothly. Minor repairs to tiles or stonework cost at most $1,000. One thing that pool owners should worry about is the technology inside of their pool. This includes the pump and the filter, which are necessary for the pool. They both cost about $1,000 to install or replace.

What Would it Cost to Refinish a Pool Yourself?

Refinishing a pool by yourself requires a good bit of time and energy. For a medium-sized home pool, it would take two people at least 20 hours to completely refinish the inside of a pool. This does not take into account the time and energy that goes into getting the materials. With all of that being said, it would take as long as a week with arguably $2,000 in materials spent.

The true cost of refinishing a pool is largely dependent on how much use different parts of the pool get. It’s difficult to determine the exact cost of refinishing a pool due to the diversity of a pool owner’s needs and wants. Think about what your pool needs, and plan your refinishing around that and you surely won’t go wrong.