Oakland Hills Real Estate Spring Sale Tips

As spring is already here, it is one of the busiest times around the year for real estate anywhere, Oakland Hills not excluded, homeowners have a chance to put their homes on the market or buyers have a chance to scout for new possibilities. This time is an excellent moment when one may find great ways to prepare for a smooth and successful sale. The following tips will prepare you for paving the way toward that outcome:

Oakland Hills Real Estate Spring Sale Tips

• You should start your packing months in advance if you have firmly decided you will sell your current home or if you’ve already found a new one. This will allow you to act fast when the need arises, so you won’t have to deal with any delays in the sale, potentially slowing down your progress and profits in the long run. Box up your items and find a temporary self storage solution, as this will allow your home to look more spacious and depersonalized, which will work in your favor as well.

• While you’re at it, you should do your best to clear out any useless clutter that gets in the way, as this will allow you to have a much more organized look overall. Having a great-looking home with no clutter and loose items hanging about will help with your presentations and viewings, allowing the potential buyers to visualize the home as their own when they visit.

• You should work on improving your property as much as possible, going toward a series of smaller upgrades, rather than a completely grandiose project. You should try to replace the grout and caulk in the bathroom, update your light fixtures, ceiling fans, light switches, doorknobs and any other number of small things you can deal with to make the home look new and fresh. Believe it or not even a coat of paint can have amazing results in the long run.

• You will also need to interview a number of real estate agents until you’re sure you can choose the right one for your needs. A good and experienced agent will make a huge difference, since they will take care of a huge amount of the legwork and preparations for you. Their marketing experience will prove invaluable to you as you prepare for the sale. You should avoid going for the agent claiming to be able to sell your home at the highest price, but rather go toward the most experienced one that offers a good and detailed analysis of the market.

• The last step would be to do a lot to research your market as best as possible before you make your move. A good real estate agent will help you find the right niche in the market and give you a relative estimate on the length of time you might have to deal with until you close a deal. If you don’t prepare during the winter though, you may have a harder time dealing with the influx of potential buyers and getting your property in gear for a sale.