How to make beauty bathroom

It is always advisable to have more than one bathroom in the House and more when it comes from a large family, as well as in the case of homes for sale will soon may increase in value.

Believe it or not, install a new shower is not a process that will require a lot of investment or manpower. The truth is that without having to do a major renovation and without spending a lot of money, you can create a new bathroom in your home and we’ll show you how.

How to make beauty bathroom

We will be using to install a basement bathroom. This is a simple proposition, but if you don’t have a basement then you will have to find another idea. We recommend creating new rights under the existing bathroom. This will avoid creating new water connection and draining current creatures which we will use.

Of course it will also help us save money and time, so that in all aspects to create a bathroom in the basement is a smart choice. Download the white paper and pencil to start drawing our new bathroom design. Then with lime that still marks the location of each of the toilet and the wall in the room. To further save time and money not currently using a brick wall, but creating the split using drywall or wood.

How to make beauty bathroom

Always make sure that the material is waterproof case, remember that in the bathroom (and more in the basement) humidity is a factor that is always present in the environment so that all the ingredients that we use in new construction must be resistant to it. The next step is to go buy a toilet and plumbing fixtures. You can go to the store at the Mall or request your order through our online store and receive it at your door. Need the most basic elements as a sink, a toilet and a shower or toilet (despite being the second bathroom may also be short of that). The idea is to create small size components because it usually will not have new shower very large dimensions.

Plumbing connections and placement of medical devices should be left to professionals. In some countries it is mandatory, but when the truth is not always the most comfortable choice because that requires proper installation or ending up with our new shower. Once that is done, and then you can put the final touches on a new bathroom décor installation and construction. You will have to take the floor with ceramic slip, put an exhaust fan and continuing with decorating in the style of the bathroom where you like to dress.

Lucy Gavin