How to design a garden

To make a house look so beautiful, not only the appearance of the building itself, the garden realizes a telenovela image, provided we keep it under conditions.

The design of the garden of a house is as important as the inside of it.

To make our garden look as “film” just have to keep in mind the following recommendations.

How to design a garden

-To achieve a pleasant and balanced variety, we can use different materials, like stone, perennial plants, sand (where you can plant different types of cactus), slopes and small pond or a source where we will post different types of aquatic plants.

-If the garden is rather small, the best is to use plants of various colors, to give a colorful and cheerful look. And flowerpots with flowers of the same color.

-It is imperative to weed every 15 days, besides those weeds take nutrients to our plants, can transform the most beautiful gardens in the most presentable location.

How to build a beautiful house and cheap

-It is very nice to put in pots or around plants, a layer of some centimeters of dried leaves, small pieces of bark or wood shavings. It gives it a different look and helps to control weeds.

-By combining different types of plants, a very beautiful view of a particular sector of the garden can be achieved.

-Before of planting, take into account the characteristics of the chosen plant (Sun, water, temperature, etc.). The best design can be unfortunate if we put plants in a place unfit for its growth.

How to design a garden


-If the soil is not good, we must change the Earth or improve it little by little. Black earth is the best for the correct development of the plants, as it is very rich in nutrients.

-Bricks, slabs, small logs, etc, are perfect for the time of having to delimit the different beds.

How to build a beautiful house and cheap

-If we want to implement lighting in the garden and the intention is to highlight flowers or roads, down lighting is that we should use. If we have statues or fountains, lighting up is indicated. Always lighting must “camouflage” among the plants and flowers.

A well designed garden will create a space that you can enjoy both day and night, in the company of family and friends. Just use the imagination and encouraged.