House staging – at what price?

Whilst house staging is an effective way of getting the viewer to understand the true potential of your property, it is by no means a small amount of work, especially if you are looking to get great results! There is a huge amount that can be done with any home, and working out the level to which you need to change things in your property in order to get the effort exerted vs buyers gained balance right can be tricky. Having an idea as to how the process of house staging before a domestic removal can affect your life is a good idea, simply in that it can prepare you for the worst!

House staging - at what price-

For a start, you will need to begin with chucking a load of stuff out. Every domestic removal requires it, as otherwise you will be paying people to move things that you don’t even want in your new place! There is unlikely to be a household in the country where every single item in the home is used enough to warrant keeping it, and it is more than likely that there are a large number of things that you would prefer get rid of before you get going on your removal. So, you need to get that sorted, but thats essentially a plus, as it forced you to take action on what can be a pretty boring job.

Whilst undergoing the process of house staging, you may want to remove things from the house that you want to keep for the next place, simply to make the rooms feel larger. The less clutter there is in a place, the more likely the room will feel calm as well as big. As a temporary storage option, you may be considering self storage, but this can cause difficulties in that you end up wanting to swap items out for others as you try and get the rooms looking right over a number of days, with repeat trips to the storage unit. What if you could have a storage unit next to your house? Mobile storage containers are a great way to overcome these issues, as they are basically like dropping a garage on your driveway. Sure, they may be unsightly, but if you can get over that or hide them, they make storage during house staging a lot more flexible.

You need to think carefully about going any further than the fairly simple act of rearranging furniture. A lick of paint sounds like a quick and easy fix, but the reality is that doing it cheaply is a lot of mess, and getting someone else to do it well is expensive… And a lot of mess! You will no doubt find that there are plenty of ideas online about how best to present your house, and the varying styles that can be put to work in your home in order to make it look great, but you should always be keeping an eye on the money and time side of things. Spending a few thousand pounds on making a place look nice, when you are not going to sell it for more than you have spent over the asking price seems a little silly. It may be a last ditch attempt to drum up interest in an otherwise overlooked property, but in these sorts of situations, you are likely to be looking at loosing a little bit anyway.