4 Ways to Transform Your Attic Space

Typically, the attic space can go relatively unused as a cobweb infested place for stuffing high school yearbooks and other odds and ends. But with some decorating advice and construction help, an old attic can be transformed to add immense value to any home.

4 Ways To Transform Your Attic Space

Because constructing a home addition means zoning and city permits, reclaiming the space already within the walls of your house is a much cheaper and more convenient alternative. Here are four ways to re-envision the attic space into a useable, even livable, addition.

1. Bedroom
For many families, siblings sharing the same bedroom only work for so long. Once kids reach their pre-teen or teenage years, sharing a room can become more of a headache for the parents than it is the kids.

Utilizing existing home space to provide an extra bedroom is a worthwhile plan. If the attic has not been finished, adding insulation and drywall is a good DIY project that can be done over the course of a couple of weekends.

For any attic that has a drop down ceiling ladder, a smart replacement is a spiral staircase. Most attics use a drop down ladder because space is limited. So installing a spiral staircase makes great use of limited space. Spiral staircase prices are usually reasonable as well, keeping the budget on track while adding a timeless element to the home.

2. Extra Apartment
Similar to a bedroom, adding an apartment is a wise investment. However, an apartment requires a little extra money, because it needs a bathroom and perhaps small kitchenette.

Converting an unusable attic into an apartment might require a contractor, but it can be used as a rental space to generate extra profit or work as a space for older children who need to save money by living at home. Converting an attic into an apartment will require a larger space to work with. So make sure your current attic can accommodate this.

3. Living Room Or Bonus Room
Depending upon how large a home’s attic is, adding on an extra living space or bonus room can offer quite a bit of square footage. For large families, or homes that only have one room to function as a TV space, entertaining room, and reading area, an attic can function as the perfect solution.

Full of potential space, the attic can seamlessly be used as the perfect area for kids to hangout while the parents are chatting and catching up downstairs. Or, turn it into a complete toy oasis where the kids can have their dedicated space, leaving the home elegant and adult-friendly.

4. Home Office
For those who work from home, having a private area to focus on work is a luxury. As families expand, most extra bedrooms that were once home offices turn into bedrooms for children.

Finding that quiet area to dedicate to work normally means having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, staying up well into the night, or hiding in a closet. Taking the time to remodel an attic will be well worth the peace and quiet available because most people can accomplish more in the quiet giving them extra time to spend with their families.

Utilizing the attic for more than storage is a less expensive way to add value to the home and generate more space. And it might even be an uncomplicated DIY remodel.